The Wife Premium Hemp Preroll


Flavor Profile

The Wife boasts a pleasant fragrance that’s laced with a little skunk. Up front, she’ll taste sweet and floral, blending together the flavor of berries, tropical fruit, and sugary sweets to bring you a pleasant aromatic experience that captivates the senses. But as you acquaint yourself to her taste, she’ll let off a subtle skunkiness that might overwhelm towards the tail end of your drag.

Definitely a pleasurable experience at the beginning, The Wife can become a rugged, hard-hitting smoke as you near the finish. But all in all, the different flavors blend excellently, creating a stark contrast of taste that should engage all of your senses before the big effects take control.

Supplement facts:
1g of Premium Hemp Flower

Contains <0.3% THC


The Wife hits you with a gradual full-body relaxation before slowly creeping up to the crown of your head. The relaxation goes from loosening and dropping your shoulders to a soft drop of your eyebrows as you enter into a soothing mellow state. Being a true Hybrid strain she hits right in the sweet spot of being a perfect blend of Indica and Sativa.

It’s a great strain if you suffer from muscle or joint pain. The Wife makes you feel softer in tense muscles especially in your neck, back and shoulders.

Some users say that they get increased focus with a small euphoric sensation.

What are the benefits of Premium Hemp Flower?

Benefits of Premium Hemp Flower may include:

-Decreased pain and/or inflammation
-Reduced Stress


-<0.3% THC 15.52% CBDA

-Not a Marijuana product


Additional information

Weight 1 oz

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